Thursday, October 10, 2013

Any tips on selling collection?

I'm toying with the idea of selling off parts of my collection. I would certainly save a lot of stuff, especially for my son, not to mention my TTMs and some select vintage and other favorites.

I haven't been truly inspired lately on anything card-related. I'm not sure if it's a rut, or genuine lack of interest. But I've got more cards than I know what to do with, and feel like I might as well make them work for me. I've got no space, a growing family, and a time-consuming job. Boo hoo, right? Being a Yankees collector, it won't be that tough to sell, if that's what I do.

In your opinion, what works best? Cards grouped by player? Team lots?

In terms of hits, would you sell as one massive lot, or smaller lots? I'm talking relics of players such as AJ Burnett or Brett Gardner. Not big names, but decent quantities. The Yankees sell.

Again, not sure I'd do this, I'll probably chicken out, but any helpful tips while I have a moment of insanity and consider this?


  1. Hey AJ, I've sold quite a bit on ebay, but I know there are lots of other outlets, Sportlots, COMC, but really ebays nice because you can list 50 items free, sometimes more when they run specials and if it doesn't sell you don't get charged. As for how to group stuff I would recommend selling the hits separately, as even if you group hits of the same player, sometimes people are only after one of the cards in your lot. As for base, making player and team lots is a great way to move those cards, as they more than likely won't sell for much on their own. I also like being able to buy my postage from ebay. You get a discount on postage and free tracking that's uploaded to you finished auctions, so you can see when the cards make it to the seller. I also like ebay because the audience is so large. Yes ebay's going to take a chunk, but unless you feel like dealing with message boards or craigslist any other option takes a portion as well. Feel free to email me if you have any specific question and I hope this helps a little.

  2. If you decide to sell hits or vintage. I might be your guy. IF

  3. If you sell any Rivera or Sabathia i might be interested ! And as a european guy i always prefer comc the most as there the shipping is most efficient compared to ebay so good for international buyers. Not sure if ebay or comc is cheaper when selling stuff so you might want to check that of course !

  4. My sense is that the more cards in a lot, the less you'll get per card. Of course it's more work that way. If you're selling anything really cheap and want to sell in person to save shipping, let me know!