Thursday, October 10, 2013

Some recent Listia wins

A few Listia cards have trickled in, so I'll show 'em off in one post.

First off, I grabbed a Chipper Topps RC. It didn't set me back much, and figured it was worth it for the RC of a future Hall of Famer.
Next up, a cool Andy Pettitte insert. I always loved "trading places" type cards.
I bid on this because of how ridiculous it was. It's a 1994 Stadium Club Ring Leaders card of Ruben Sierra. It is one of the gaudiest cards I have ever seen.
Here is some Duke Snider card which is up for trade to any of my Dodgers friends. I guess it's a Sepia version?

The next few cards are football cards. I don't collect football at all, but from time to time I just randomly bid on them. I don't know what my deal is.

Anyhow, a few Bengals RCs popped up, so I pounced.
Lastly, I got a 13-card lot of 2013 Topps Platinum cards. I have no idea how I got them so cheap since the lot was full of stars. Also, shit these cards are nice. Holy crap.


  1. Hey! I am interested in the Duke Snider cards. Please send me an email and we can get a trade going. Thanks.

  2. Love those Stadium Club Ring Leaders inserts from the 90's. Nice Listia wins!