Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Doing Yard Work in December

I still search Listia once in awhile. I'm not on there  alot, but every so often I'll log on via my phone app and do a quick search, mostly for my PC guys.

If Tino shows up, usually it's for a 1990 Upper Deck or some other card I have a bunch of. However, this beauty showed up as part of a two card lot, and I had to pounce:
That's a 1998 Pinnacle Yard Work insert. Not sure how this one escaped me growing up, as I feel like I hoarded Tino inserts back then. He was fresh off of his 44-HR season, so it was really special to see my favorite player popping up in insert sets.

The second card of this lot is one I had, but it's still nice - a serially numbered (to 1750) 1998 Upper Deck SPx card. Not a bad dupe to add.

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