Monday, December 15, 2014

I don't even needs cards from this guy

Ryan of Ryan's Pitch has become a good friend of mine. We send each other PWEs a few times per year, and we chat baseball and cards on Twitter.

Ryan always includes a really thoughtful, hand-written note when he sends cards. His handwriting is so spectacular that he could honestly not even send cards, and I'd still be happy I got mail from him. Trust me, it's that good. He must've gotten an "A" on every test/essay in college in those little blue essay books, because his beautiful script would make any answer look correct.

However, because he is the man, he also sent me two sweet cards!

I thought I had this Tino when I first saw it, but then I flipped it over and saw that it was a promo card for Topps Gallery Auctions. Does anyone remember these? I sure as heck don't. I love oddballs like this.
Ryan also sent a great Andy Pettitte minor league card. I have no idea what Pettitte is doing here. Pitch chart? Scouting report? Line up card? Lunch order?
Ryan, thanks again my friend.

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