Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Christmas Zapping: Part 2

Let's jump back in to the Christmas Zippy Zapping, shall we? I've got five more packs to share.

Pack #7 has a nice mixtures of Topps, Skybox, Fleer, Upper Deck, and Donruss. Vernon Wells didn't have a ton of highlights for the Yanks, but this is a great card. Nick Johnson was a minor league beast. I can't remember if his cards were in high demand when he was on the cusp of the Majors, but if he put those numbers in 2014, he'd be in Kris Bryant territory in terms of the hobby.
Somebody call quality control!!!! A Henrik Lundqvist hockey card snuck its way into the box! I'm a big fan of Hank, and I didn't have any of his cards previously. I put this right in Joey's binder next to a Gretzky I had in there. We've also got a sweet Posada refractor, as well as some 1990s prospects in Ed Yarnall, Mike Lowell (who was traded for Yarnall), and Ruben Rivera.
A Horace Clarke sighting in pack #9! I really like the Frank Crosetti card. I got a TTM success from Crosetti back in 10th grade. I asked him a few questions, but he responded "my memory no longer serves me, but all I know is that I was born to play ball." The signed photo he sent me is below.
This is a badass pack of vintage! I love Clete Boyer's pose. I got a Ralph Houk TTM success as well in back in the day, and he signed the penny sleeve instead of the card. I learned a lesson that day. Don't send TTM requests in top loaders or penny sleeves. Send the cards unprotected, kids. Players don't want to deal with top loaders/sleeves, and older guys might have no clue what they are.
Let's wrap this up with pack #11. A couple of guys here with short term stops in NY - Loften, McDowell, and Clark. I think Clark was very underrated. He was a very good power/OBP guy when there wasn't a ton of power in the game. I wish he played for the Yanks for more than a year.