Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Props all around

I have a lot of props to give out right now about a lot of different things this morning.

1. Props to all you stay-at-home moms and dads out there. My wife is currently out of town, and my 9-month-old of course came down with a 103 fever, so I had to stay home with her yesterday. Babies this small are a lot of work, as many of you know. Between trying to do some actual work from home, taking care of my daughter, picking up my son, taking the dog out, cooking dinner, doing their baths, cleaning dishes, and making lunches for today...I'm spent. And that was after one day. Luckily the baby was well enough to go to her normal child care today, but it was a hell of a day.

There are many men and women that do this all day, on a daily basis. I give you major props, because it's hard.

2. Props to Topps. I think 2015 Topps, without having it in hand yet, looks awesome. The design is refreshing. I love what I've seen. I'm just talking base. I haven't paid much attention to the inserts. I did read the sparkle gimmicks and photo variations are back, but I'm not going to get too upset about that. They aren't my cup of tea, and I'm not worried about collecting them. If I pull one, I'll trade or sell it.

I can't wait to grab some in the next couple days. I'm not going to go overboard, but I am excited to grab a blaster or a few hanger boxes.
3. Props to sellers who offer combined shipping on eBay. I found this sweet Jacob Lindgren die cut (#'d 08/10) for $1 + $1.93 shipping. Each additional card was free shipping, and the seller had hundreds of $1 cards. I bought six or seven, mostly for other other people. Combined shipping works, people.
4. Props to Ty Hensley. The dude is already back out the mound after the scary news about him being attacked came out last month. Hopefully he is able to start spring training with the rest of his teammates, and have a great year at Charleston. Here's a new Hensley I picked up, my 54th different.
5. Props to you for reading this far.


  1. Actually, it wasn't that far to read.
    I picked up a cheap Ty Hensley on eBay from a seller with combined shipping. I had you in mind, but with 54 different cards of Ty I'm sure it's a duplicate. Congrats, that's a nice nice for a guy who hasn't been around that long.

    1. Which is it?! I still need a lot of Hensleys.

  2. Props for doing the 'Dad' thing so well. I remember those days with a mixture of nostalgia and facial tics.

  3. My wife is trying to convince me to do the stay-at-home Dad thing when we finally have a kid. I'm very much on the fence about it.

  4. My wife is going to be out of town in March so I'm preparing for my little girl to go crazy. She associates Mom with just about every parental aspect of raising a kid. I'm associated with playing and rough housing. Whatever good routines we have right now will be ruined.

  5. Props for the sake of giving props :).