Sunday, February 1, 2015

Unnecessary acts of kindness

The amount of unnecessary gestures from other collectors is never-ending. I experienced it twice in just the last couple of days alone.

The first was an unexpected PCE (Plain Cream Envelope) from P-Town Tom. A short while back, I asked him if John Ryan Murphy card in one of his posts was available. It wasn't a fancy card, just a run of the mill card I liked. Turns out, Tom had already sent it to another blogger. So for some reason, Tom sent me a nicer Murphy card, and apologized. Completely unnecessary.
The other act came from Rich, Managing Editor at Sports Collectors Daily. If you aren't signed up for their daily email, I highly recommend it. Each morning, they send out 3-4 hobby related stories, and it's a very good source to keep up on hobby-related news. I encourage you to take a spin around the site HERE.

Anyhow, Rich asked for my address so he could send some cards to Joey, my son. He sent me a nice batch of Hall of Famers which are going directly into Joey's binder...which needs more pages because you guys have been so generous to him. I haven't updated the "Joey's HOFer" section of my blog in a while, and I need to, as his collection (aka the collection I am creating for him) is really growing. It was a completely unnecessary act of kindness from Rich.
The thing is, this is just in the past couple of days. I could go on and on. It's basically a weekly occurance. It's done without fanfare or agenda. It's just collectors taking care of other collectors.

And that is awesome. Never change.

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  1. I don't plan on changing. If I have enough, I may have to try to make PCEs a thing. Hehe.