Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Gold on a snowy day

Last Thursday we had another pretty big storm. My kids' daycare called at 6am saying they were closed for the day, even though the snow had barely started. However, the forecasters got this one right, we ended up with a good seven or eight inches.

In addition to working from home with my kids around, one benefit was getting to be first to the mailbox! I got one TTM success - the Chris Capuano from yesterday's post - and an unexpected PWE from Robert at $30 A Week Habit.

There were two 2015 Topps Gold cards inside. It's still a big deal for me to get a Masahiro Tanaka card. I think I have only five or six at this point. To get a Topps Gold Tanaka? Awesome!
The other was a Bryan Mitchell, a rookie who I believe will start a few games for the Yanks this season.
Robert, thank you so much for the unexpected gift!

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