Sunday, March 22, 2015

Winnings from @Draft2Dynasty

A few weeks back, Kevin of the famous @Draft2Dynasty Twitter handle and blog held a giveaway. Somehow, I was lucky enough to win, and Kevin was more than generous in what he sent, including the Ty Hensley pictured above.

Kevin not only sent a brick of cards (all alphabetized!), but also a nice chunk of signed Yankee cards, likely from his time patrolling Steinbrenner Field and the Himes minor league complex. It seems that he's a regular around there, and often has some great interaction with current and future Yankees.
Other than the Hensley, by far my favorite card is this Luis Sojo autograph. A Sojo auto is one of those that has escaped me forever, and I was thrilled to see that in there.
Here's just a small sampling of the many goodies Kevin sent. There was a TON of great stuff...major leaguers, minor leaguers, refractors, parallels, etc. If you like the Yanks or the minor leagues, go give Kevin a follow on Twitter @Draft2Dynasty. Thanks again for such a great prize package!

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  1. Kevin is good peoples. And his contest prize couldn't have gone to a more worthy winner.