Wednesday, March 11, 2015

TTM Success: Larry Rothschild

I'm not sure why I was itching so badly to send Larry Rothschild a TTM request. I think he's a very good pitching coach, as he's done a good job with a pretty mediocre staff over the past couple of years. He does a nice job of maximizing talent and increasing K rates, which I really hope is the case with Nathan Eovaldi this season. The bullpens have also been very good under his watch, and Joe Girardi's as a whole.

Anyhow, I created this custom card using the Rookies App, as I liked the shot of Rothschild with Tanaka. sure, Rothschild doesn't speak Japanese, but certainly is telling Tanaka 'job well done' with the gesture of a fist bump. As a reminder, I once gave Tino a fist bump.

This only took about nine days to get back, and looks great, although I shouldn't have picked such a dark photo. That's ones on me. #ThanksTopps #ThanksLostCollector.


  1. If Eovaldi starts missing bats you guys will be set. Seems like everything else is there.

    That is a super quick turnaround!

  2. Larry came down in January one year on the "Cubs Caravan" and I got his autograph on a 2001 Topps card. He was on the Rays on the card, and it was extremely dark on the front, but it was the only card I had of him at the time. He wound up signing the back at his own suggestion. He was a nice guy.

    I wish the Rookies App was around back then, I would have ordered my own custom card to be made of him. Nice TTM!

  3. Nice success and nice use of the Rookies App.