Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Grin and Berra it

Oops. It’s been a week since I posted. I’m a bit busy, as well as uninspired right now, but I don’t feel guilty or anything about not posting more. It’s my blog. I can take off as many days as I want. I'm more saying that to make myself feel better.

I did want to share this vintage Yogi Berra I picked up the other day. I put in a super low (and I mean lowwww) bid on eBay for it, and was surprised to see that I won it.

I like picking up beat-up vintage for a cheap price. Sometimes I wonder if I should pass up buying cheap vintage, save my money, and then buy a nicer vintage card. Maybe. But I like having an assortment, and beat up vintage allows me to do that.

It'll go nicely with my other two Yogi cards:


  1. Nice pickup! You've got a solid Berra collection coming together now!

  2. I only have one Berra myself and would like more.
    Good strategy you have there

  3. You're still posting more than me. ;) Beat up Berras are better than no Berras at all.

  4. Yogi would approve! Super additions to your collections. I wouldn't be emberrassed to own them! ;)

  5. Based on that Twit-pic you tweeted a while back I was expecting an appearance from Lindgren and for the title to be "Gren & Berra It."

    Regardless, awesome Yogis.

    1. Damnit. That would have been way better.

  6. Nothing wrong with beat up vintage. Great card!

  7. Don't you love when you win cards for such a low price on ebay? I'm also a huge Yankees fan, and a new follower!