Saturday, May 23, 2015

T-t-t-t-t-today, Junior.

Junior Junkie is the man.

The dude is one of the best out there. He takes any mundane topic, and makes it worthy of being read. It beats the shit out of my “look what I got posts.” He’s creative as hell, constantly throwing out new concepts and things to try on his blog. His #WalletCard posts were all epic. His Junior collection is second to none. His organization skills bring a tear to my eye.

Oh, and he sends me Tinos and Yanks. 

First of all, did Donruss really do this? Did they really pull out the Rated Rookies and sell boxed sets? Tino is in there, but that's a pretty uninspiring group. I hope no one bought a lot of these as an investment. Invest now, get your Bernard Gilkey rated rookie!

Ok, these are two guys hopefully worth the investment one day. Dermis Garcia and Nelson Gomez are the big bats the Yanks spent on in last year's international spending spree. They are super young, so it might be awhile before you hear more about them.
A lovely Andy Pettitte relic with a damn fine pinstripe.
Here's a great assortment of cards I did not hate. I know he's hurt and his UCL will snap at any second, but damn it's still special for me to get a Tanaka.
Last but not least, JJ sent me this sweet Aubrey Huff card!
In addition to the one above, these next five Tinos were all new to my collection! That's a big number! I had no idea 1996 Collector's Choice had an Update/wrapper redemption set! That's sweet.

Thanks again, TJ!



  1. Totally agree... TJ is the man! Love the Tanaka... and the Pettite relic is cool too.

  2. Great stuff. I enjoy TJ's creativity as well. He is always thinking outside the box.

  3. That Maris is beautiful! YOu have to love the "Mad Men - War Room" sensation that you get from DOnruss' ANSWER to Upper Deck's "The Collector's Choice" campaign/slogan:

    "The Investor's Choice"

    Phil Plantier!!! AWESOME stuff!!! Are you going to rip it?

  4. Flattery will get you...well, more Tinos more than likely. Thanks for the kind words!