Tuesday, May 12, 2015

TTM Success: Jacob Lindgren

Yesterday on Twitter, Zippy Zappy showed off 11 envelopes he got back in the mail, presumably all with TTM successes inside. I was very jealous upon seeing that one was from Jacob Lindgren, the Yankees relief prospect who is currently wasting bullets in AAA instead of in the Bronx. (side note: the most I've ever gotten back in one day is five)

I have a few Lindgren autos, but really wanted one via TTM. I noticed that Zippy's was from Tampa, and Lindgren is in Scranton, so I asked if it was a request from spring training. Luckily it was, which gave me hope for mine. Some guys do answer spring mail during the season, although it's not too common.

Naturally, I got home from work, and there was a SASE from PA.

Inside was this!
Boom! A signed Jacob Lindgren Bowman RC. Kenny with the Chrome and a Panini. I played it safe with a Bowman base. It came out great!

Hopefully this guy is in the Bronx any day now.


  1. Congrats man, looks awesome :).

  2. Great success, wish I got one out to him this Spring, oh well!