Friday, November 4, 2016

A PWE from the Sunshine State

My buddy Robert of $30 A Week Habit was kind enough to drop me a PWE a couple weeks back. I feel like PWEs really go in waves. Sometimes they come in bunches, other times I go months without getting one. I'm going to try to get back in the PWE spirit once I ship out a few last SuperTraders packages.

The card I enjoyed most was a this Luis Cessa Heritage High Number. There is a non-zero chance I'll be sending this card to Cessa in a TTM attempt next spring. He was pretty good in his debut season for the Yankees after coming over in the Justin Wilson trade. He went back and forth a bit between the rotation and the bullpen, but he's got a good arm and is really still learning to pitch after previously being an infielder.
I love the 1996 Yankees. The 98-00 teams were great, but that first title was so special, and Cone was a huge reason why. Cool set honoring some heroes of the postseason, and I think it's very nice looking to boot.
Speaking of World Series Heroes, Reggie! Reggie!
This orange refractor is really nice. The John Ryan Murphy for Aaron Hicks trade didn't go very well for either team. Maybe one of these guys will swing the balance one way or the other this season.
Robert, thanks for packing quite a punch in one envelope. Most appreciated!

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