Monday, November 28, 2016

SuperTraders #22: Cardboard Clubhouse

I've vowed to try and catch up on trade packages and clean out the scanned folder this week.

I'll start with a #SuperTraders package I got from Adam of the Cardboard Clubhouse. Prior to SuperTraders, I don't think I had the pleasure of swapping cardboard with Adam, so this is certainly one of the intended purposes of the group.

Adam is a big Halloween fan, and sent me some treats just before October 31, placing me about a month behind showing these off.

One of the greatest treats was an unopened Yankees 1993 Stadium Club team set. I had received a few of these cards in various trades, but definitely didn't have the complete set in one place. Now I do. Love that Brien Taylor led off things off. Man, what could have been...
I haven't busted this thing out of the plastic wrap yet, but I'm sure I will for storing purposes. It's too bulky!

There was also a ton of '70s vintage! Some cards I definitely didn't have, and some that will undoubtedly be used for some TTMs. It's kind of crazy that I still get taken aback when vintage falls out of trade package, but it hasn't lost its luster on me at all. These were also in really nice condition.
Of course, there was also a mixture of new cards too. I seem to receive less and less A&G every year, and since I don't really buy the product myself, I appreciate what is sent my way. This foil-stamped mini McCann 10th Anniversary is pretty cool, even though he's now an Astro!

Lastly, I thought this year's Pro Debut cards looked really nice. I actually liked the blues of this card more than the Yankees regular flagship design. Degano had a pretty horrid season and went from someone who looked like a stellar prospect to someone who couldn't find the plate. He had 34 BBs in 27 innings. Weird how that happens. Maybe he can straighten it out a bit this season. I'm pulling for the guy, as he seems like a good dude and is a great TTM signer.
Adam, thanks again for all these great cards. Halloween is only 11 months away!


  1. if your considering not unwrapping the TSC Team set, no worries. I put the 93 & 94 team sets in a stack for you last week (minus the 6 PC guys I pulled from each set.)