Friday, May 26, 2017

Aaron Judge: Topps NOW poster boy

I've been sucked into buying Aaron Judge Topps NOW cards to the point of feeling very guilty if I miss one. Ridiculous, right? I actually did miss one the other day, now I'm scrambling to find it.

While I did turn to Topps for one of them, I have gone to eBay for the others, as they are a bit more affordable.

I love the card from Fenway on April 26. Not only did Judge make a great catch (he's not just a masher), but his HR was special too. Everyone had been talking about Judge homering over the Green Monster. So what did he do?
He went opposite field to right for a HR. That was so freaking cool, and showed what a great hitter he is.
I do appreciate that Judge's catch is on the back, versus the usual write-up. This card had a print run of 2,151, and was the first time he was featured in '17.
The second isn't particularly interesting - Most HR by a Yankees player under 26 in April. Got all that? But it was in the middle of Judgemania and I got swept up. What can you say? This card sold 1,101 copies, which actually makes it his rarest Topps NOW not counting the 1/1s and special print runs.

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