Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What time is it? Game time, woo!

Growing up, the Bulls were a big deal. I was a kid right in the middle of Jordan and Bulls domination. It was pretty awesome, even as a Knicks fan. Frustrating, yes. But awesome to look back on.

Everyone imitated the Bulls too. I remember that my All-Star Little League baseball team's chant at the beginning of the game was the same as MJs. Our coach would yell "What time is it?", and we'd respond "Game time, woo!"

Cheesy and hokey, sure. But we were 10 years old and it was cool to us.
I was reminded of that chant when I recently received this 2001 Fleer Gametime Game Time Lumbers bat relic. This is one of those ones I saw on eBay so much I figured I had it, only to discover that I didn't. It set me back a buck.

Woo, indeed.


  1. An easy $1 to spend, nice pickup AJ!

  2. One dow-lah Tino relic... make me howl-lah!