Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Judge puns are getting old, but I still love him

I won't lie. I love Aaron Judge, but the puns are a lot to deal with.

Still, it's been exciting watching him come into his own over the last month. But that's all it has been. One month. He could have an equally bad May. At some point he's going to level off. And that's not a knock on him. It's baseball, eh Suzyn? Regression to the norm.

Aside from the big homers on a nightly basis, what is impressing me most is how Judge has grown as a hitter. He struck out 42 times in 84 ABs last year. This year? 26 Ks in 83 ABs. Say what you want about his homers or if this is just a prolonged hot streak, but give him some credit for cutting back on a major negative in his game. He's laying off or fouling off tough pitches, as evident by his four foul balls on a 3-2 count last night before homering.

He's still on pace to strikeout over 120 times, which is a lot. But it's not nearly has bad as what had people worried after his cameo last year. If he's going to hit 30 homers, you can live with that as long as he's taking his walks and playing a good RF. He's doing both.

Those that closely follow the Yankees shouldn't be too surprised. Judge has struggled at each level, but has eventually overcome those struggles to bring his K% down. That's a sign of a guy who is more than just a power hitter. It's the sign of a good, smart hitter.

So stop judging him as just a masher, and all rise when he comes to bat.

Ok, I'm done.