Wednesday, May 13, 2020

1st Edition

I don't know much about 2020 Bowman 1st Edition.

I don't pay close enough attention to Topps' website to know what's coming out and what's all the rage.

I do know from Twitter that it was hard to get these packs. Like trying to get concert tickets. Log on too late, and you're out of the luck.

The big draw in this set is Yankees top prospect Jasson Dominguez, the 17-year-old from the Dominican Republic. Dubbed as one of the next big things, The Martian has taken the prospecting world my storm. It's definitely early. Too early? The tools are there, but a lot can happen between now and whenever - if ever - he finds himself on the doorstep of NY.

One guy already on that doorstep is top pitching prospect Clarke Schmidt, the Yankees 2017 1st Rounder, selected 16th overall. They selected Schmidt right after he had had TJ surgery, knowing patience with him was going to be key.

It's paid off, as his 2019 season was largely a success. His 2020 spring training showed massive glimpses of promise, and put Schmidt firmly on track for a 2020 debut in the Yankees rotation. If that happens now, who knows?
So while the world was focused on Dominguez, I decided to snag the Schmidt for a buck. And for good measure, I got the yellow for a few bucks more, numbered to 75 copies.
It'd be cool to have a Dominguez card, but that can wait. For now I'd rather focus on the guy who is right there, not 4 years away.


  1. There's a lot of solid names getting ignored thanks to Jasson. Pereira, Volpe and Cabello chief among them.

    1. Volpe has been a bit out of my price range...I guess as most recent first rounder?

  2. Hot Take: 2020 will be a year of prospecting that we have never seen the likes of before.
    I think I just found myself a blogpost idea. Nice!

  3. Hope you eventually land a Dominguez. Like Schmidt, patience might need to be the key to acquiring one of his cards... unless you have a lot of money to burn).

  4. Nice pick up and I hope you get the Dominguez, too.

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