Friday, July 10, 2020

A thoughtful gesture

Yesterday, I got three unexpected PWEs, which was really cool and unexpected. Work has been crushing me lately, so it was nice to crack them open after a long day.

Sounds kind of like a beer.

One of the PWEs came from Colbey at Cardboard Collections. I have a huge stash of Affordable Group Break cards taking up space at Colbey's house. I really need to get them shipped. I knew this PWE was that, so I was curious.

I've been an advocate for Colbey's breaks. They are usually...erm, affordable...but he does a great job of running them and providing a great variety of products at a low cost. Anytime I can introduce someone to them, I try to. I even got Napkin Doon into one!

Colbey appreciates that, and sent me this sweet Phil Rizzuto as a thank you. It's #d 495/500.
One of the reasons I support Colbey's breaks, outside of the sweet cards, is that I find him to just genuinely be a good guy and bright spot in the hobby. I've always found him to be extremely kind and helpful. I've even asked him questions about video game systems for my kids.
I stay away from breaks and breakers. It's just not for me. But I don't lump Colbey's breaks into the "breaker culture." He does it for fun, and it shows. Plus it's always fun to see what kind of variety of products he'll be offering, and see his excitement when he pulls something good for one of the break participants. He's had a hot hand lately too!

Thanks, Colbey!


  1. I've always wanted to jump in on one of Colbey's breaks but the Cubs spot is always taken so quickly. Someday I'll luck into one!

  2. I did really well in the last group break I ever participated in (which happened to be one of Colbey's). In fact... I did so well, I figured I'd leave on a positive note and haven't joined any more. A lot of it has to do with the fact that for years the A's and Padres didn't receive the same kind of hobby love as teams like the Dodgers, Red Sox, and Yankees. Actually when I bought into that awesome group break... I picked the Yankees, because it had way better value than either of my teams. I walked away with a Gehrig bat card and jersey cards of Mariano and Jorge.

    1. I remember that and still bitter I didn't get in on that one!

  3. Love his breaks even if you always beat me to the Yankees! Thanks for he Rays spot you got for me, it was much appreciated.

  4. I've seen his breaks but haven't joined in because either the product doesn't interest me or the teams I would want are gone. The price certainly hasn't scared me off, and I'm sure I'll find my way into one some day.