Saturday, June 19, 2021

A really dumb Tino card

 As a player collector, sometimes I buy a card I'm not thrilled with, because it's one I don't have and "need." 

I've actually gotten a lot better about trying not to be a completist with Tino, and chasing every single card or parallel of his. If the price is right, of course I'll snag one I don't have. But I've all but stopped spending money on parallels of parallels or low-numbered cards if I'm content with similar ones that might not be as rare. Personal growth!

I didn't really stick to my guns on a recent purchase, although it didn't set me back much. Just a few bucks. And I haven't seen it pop up often, so I'm not really regretting what I paid. But boy is this a dumb card:

It's from 2012 Upper Deck SP Signature Edition. Upper Deck certainly didn't have an MLB license at this point. But oof, this is bad. I actually really dislike the "signature cards" that some TTM autograph seekers use, and this sort of feels like that.

And it's a sticker to boot.

The fact that this was shipped from Canada actually kept the price down. Have you noticed that? People bid a lot less when they see international shipping attached to a card.

So, this is a weird one. It's ugly and boring. But it's an autograph and a new card in my Tino collection. Card #1,102, in fact.

It's just not going to take a very prominent place in my collection.


  1. May your next Tino be a fantastic one. :)

  2. I feel ya on this set. Earlier in the week, I was flipping through my Kurt Suzuki collection and I came across an autograph of his from this set. It's by far my least favorite autograph of Kurt in the collection

  3. These are good for making custom auto cards, at least. I made a neat one from an Adam Jones card a few years back.

  4. There's gotta be a worse card in the collection, might as well be this one.

  5. I have the Ron Cey version. Easily the worst Cey card in my collection. No way I'd ever spend money to get one. Someone sent it to me.

  6. Woof this set was one hell of an incredible sticker dump, and I'm not necessarily being positive when I say that.

  7. I feel bad this is how Upper Deck had to end their baseball run. It wasn't a good one though I pulled an epic card from it.

  8. Still better than one of those Tri-Star Cuts.

  9. Ah The Upper Deck sticker dump. UD was putting some strange combos together of autographs just to unload their inventory. Casey McGehee, Jameson Taillon, Pedro Alvarez, and Andy Van Slyke never suited up for the same Pirates team but they all appeared on the Pittsburgh baseball club quad auto