Monday, July 11, 2011

Congrats to David Robertson, AL All-Star

I was excited to hear that Yankees reliever David Roberston was named to the AL All-Star team yesterday. While it seems that there are 100 All-Stars from each league because of injuries and replacements and Sunday starters who can't pitch, Robertson has been deserving from the get-go. I actually think he should have made it off the bat, and is possibly even more deserving this year than Mariano Rivera. He was a casualty of bigger names and the fact that the Yanks already had six All-Stars. Understandable.

In a season in which three key members of the Yankees' bullpen are injured (Joba, Soriano, Feliciano), Robertson has assumed the 8th inning roll and has been brilliant. He reminds me a lot of John Wetteland in the fact that he always comes in, gets himself into a jam, and Houdini's his way out of it. He has 56 Ks in just over 35 innings, good for a league-leading 14.26 K/9. He has also pitched to a 1.27 ERA.

I got these cards signed by Robertson TTM c/o spring training a few years ago.

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