Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Upper Deck M-m-m-motion Mattingly

Growing up, Upper Deck was always the fancy, expensive cards. Along with Fleer Ultra, I didn't get too many packs of Upper Deck because they were more usually a few bucks more than Collector's Choice and Score and Topps. It was a special treat to get a pack of regular Upper Deck. Don't even mention SP...that was the stuff of fantasy.

I always held their cards to a higher standard. They usually had some sort of foil. They also had really cool photography. I used to love these cards that showed a player in motion. Not quite SpotFlix-like motion, but still cool considering the card was 2D.

This 1995 Upper Deck card of Don Mattingly is particularly cool because it shows him fielding a ball. Most of the time this feature was used swinging. Plus the fact that it's horizontal is awesome. Looking back, 1995 UD was pretty cool because it was so simple. No boarder, no bells and whistles other than some gold foil. Sometimes, simple really is better. Also, it's hard to believe this 1995 was only two years removed from the 1993 design. It looks like a card that should have been made 10 years later, not one two.

I admit that I don't love the gold in the 1996 design. It was a little too fancy. However, here we have another cool motion shot. Looks like it was taken in the Kingdome but I could be wrong. I don't think it was from the '95 ALDS though. I honestly never remember Mattingly having the full on goatee like he does here. It must've driven George nuts.


  1. Upper Deck was a huge deal in 1989 - their cards were so much better looking than anyone else's. Score was the only other one that was even printing full-color card backs in a full-size set.

    Fast forward to 1990, and Leaf had tried to edge them out with metallic ink & super scarcity.

    Then in 1991, Stadium Club blew everybody away. I never had that "wow" experience with another baseball card set after that.

    The "novelty" of Upper Deck wore off pretty quick for me.

    - Paul

  2. I was a little too young for 1989/early 90's Upper Deck. I just knew I wasn't allowed to pick them out if my mom said I could have a pack.