Monday, July 11, 2011

David Ortiz has T-Rex arms

It was hilarious watching David Ortiz charge the mound on Saturday. The first pitch that he got upset about was actually over the plate, but no one is allowed to throw the ball on the inner half to him. It's the rule. The second was certainly a purpose pitch too far inside, but Ortiz's cat-like reflexes allowed him to get out of the way. Then he hit the lazy pop up, didn't run (because he never does - it's not just this instance), and then Kevin Gregg started mouthing off. That's when Ortiz charged the mound in hilarious fashion. His arms stayed surprisingly close to his body and he made a few weak swipes in Gregg's direction. It was awkward city.

While flipping through the channels on Saturday night, I saw Jurassic Park on ABC Family. And then it him me. Ortiz has T-Rex arms.

1 comment:

  1. Yah, not a good showing by the big fella. He should've just wrapped him up with a nice open field tackle.