Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A pack of 1989 Topps from my mom

Over the weekend, I put the blog on autopilot with a few pre-written posts and headed to a family wedding. While at brunch the morning of the wedding, my brother handed me something and said, "these are a joke from mom." And what a joke it was! A fresh pack of 1989 Topps! I was sitting with my other brother and my brother-in-law, so we all laughed and I opened the cards.

First off, the pack and cards still smell exactly the same. You get a whiff of the gum as soon as you open it. It's amazing the things you remember. The 22 year old gum was broken into a few pieces, but I put it back together like a puzzle. No one was daring enough to try it, although I wish someone at the wedding asked if I had any gum. It's a bad scan...the gum is still pink.

Here are a couple of cards in the pack. My brother in law, a Mets fan, immediately grabbed the Keith Hernandez off the top of the stack. The pack also included Mike Schmidt and Dale Murphy. It was probably a pretty decent pack at the time to get these two guys, no?

It was fun to open up an old pack and it really did bring back memories from the smell and the feel of the cards.

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  1. It is quite something that you scanned the gum. Well done.