Tuesday, July 26, 2011

TTM Success: Yanks prospect Neil Medchill

Over the weekend, I was happy to see a TTM success return from Yankees prospect Neil Medchill. He has one of the more powerful bats in the Yankees system. Unfortunately he is already 24 and in A+ ball, so he'll really need to step it up in the next season or so and save some of his prospect status. Mr. Medchill signed this 2010 Bowman for me, and also answered my letter, which was very cool.

He is from Oxford, MS, so I asked him why he choose to attend Oklahoma State instead of Ole Miss. He said that he went to a junior college in Arizona first and then OK St was a better fit for him. He also answered my question about who his favorite teammate is. Usually a player says "I like them all" and keeps it pretty PC, so I appreciate his honesty here. He also apologized for the time it took to answer my letter, something that was appreciated but very necessary.

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