Thursday, July 28, 2011

Great cards from My Sports Obsession

A few weeks ago, I sent Jeff from My Sports Obsession a 2011 Heritage Green Refractor of Paul Konerko. Jeff then responded by sending me an awesome package of cards. I'm a little depleted of White Sox right now, but rest assured, Jeff, I'll be sending a package your way in the near future.

The highlights are started off my two relics: A Jason Giambi Fleer Ultra Game Used Base and a Mike Mussina away jersey relic from Bazooka. The Giambi is awesome. It's very Fleer Ultraish..a lot of colors and the moon. It's really nice looking. The "Moonshots" font reminds me of 2011 Opening Day Stadium Lights. I featured the back of the card too because it doesn't say it's a used base from a Yankees game. Do you think it's implied? Or could this just be a used base from any old game? The Moose is just a very nice, big jersey swatch.

Next, and Upper Deck Clear Path to Greatness Colter Bean clear cut auto. This card is AWESOME! I love clear cuts. Always have. Where you see white on the card, it's actually clear, but it wasn't scanning well so I placed a piece of paper behind it. Bean was never given much of a chance to perform in NY. This is such a beautiful card I can't get over it.

This is a nice 2011 Bowman Jeter Orange Parallel numbered to 250. It might actually be my lowest #'d Jeter card.

A 1978 Topps Thurman Munson? Yes please. I always get mad that I never got the chance to see Thurm play. Sure I've seen video and stuff, but it's hard for me to appreciate him like I know I should. I would have loved to see him.

Lots of 2011 Bowman goodness, including a few of my favorites - Manny Banuelos and Gary Sanchez.

Two Bowman's Best - Cano and ARod. I only had a blue Gary Sanchez and none of these red ones. I like them.

A 2011 Heritage Mickey Mantle/Prince Fielder. I don't really get the connection, but OK. I actually thought it was CC Sabathia in a Milwaukee uniform when I first saw the card.

Shiny Mantle and a dude named George.

And finally, nearly a full Gypsy Queen team set. Love it!

Jeff, thanks again! As I mentioned, I'll put something together to send your way.


  1. Glad you liked them, I'm always happy to get rid of Yankees. Hehe The main reason I sent them is to get some Yankee love for my White Sox this weekend against the Red Sox and next week against them.

  2. When I was younger, Munson came to my school a little after the 76 world series. Very nice guy, answering questions from a bunch of 12 and 13 year olds. Btw, that's a 76 not a 78. I have this really nice silk cachet envelope set commemorating the 78 world series. Every one is signed except for game 4. That one has a really nice picture of Thurm swinging. "Sigh", I thought I would be able to get his autograph anytime after I purchased the set. Good man, died way too soon. The anniversary of his passing is coming up shortly.

  3. Ahhh yes, it's a 76. My fault. I was actually at Yankee Stadium with some time to kill on Saturday so I went into the museum for the first time. It was awesome to see Munson's locker and jersey. I was glad to see a lot people taking their pictures in front of it.