Saturday, July 23, 2011

Frustrating Tino relic

In the past few weeks, I picked up this 2004 Topps Clubhouse Tino Martinez jersey relc. I've seen the card on eBay for a few years but never had a ton of desire to bid on it. However, when this one showed up for a low, low price with a prime Pinstripe, I scooped it up. Despite having a Devil Rays uniform on, I was excited to add a new Tino relic to my collection.

The card is really nice, but the jersey swatch is so tiny. It's also a bit random, just floating on the side and is not really part of the design of the card. Here is the weird part for me...I'm nearly certain that the jersey swatch is from a Yankees uniform. Keep me honest, but I don't think the Cardinals or Devil Rays have any uniform variations with pinstripes. Tino was on the Cards from 2002-03 and the D-Rays in 2004, so I'm guessing that this jersey swatch is from 2001 or prior. That's really show him in a D-Rays uniform from 2004, and have the swatch be from two teams prior to what he is pictured in.

I flipped the card over, but the back has no information at all. It actually doesn't even say that it's a game-used or authentic piece. Hmmm.


  1. Cards like that frustrate me.

    The only relic cards I really like these days are the ones with scraps from the Futures game or All-Star game workout jerseys -- at least you know where the fabric came from and the picture on the front of the card usually shows the player wearing that jersey.

  2. It bothers me when jerseys don't match up with the teams, especially on retired players when you could just show the player with the correct team. I don't know why Topps can't keep track of their jerseys enough to know what team it comes from, or what season.

    The only way that stripe came from a Rays jersey is if it was from the stripes running down the button line, neckline, around the sleeves, or down the pant leg, and I think all those lines were stitched different than that pinstripe. So most likely it's a Yankee pinstripe.