Saturday, July 9, 2011

TTM Blast from the Past: Austin Jackson

Last year, everyone thought the Tigers got the better end of the Curtis Granderson-Austin Jackson trade. Grandy got off to a slow start and then got hurt. He finished the year nicely, but it looked like Jackson was on his was to stardom, and quickly. He has come back to reality a quite a bit this year. The trade was actually a three way deal. Arizona received Ian Kennedy from the Yanks and Edwin Jackson from the Tigers. Kennedy is pitching well this year and I have to believe the D-Backs are happy with their end of the deal. The Tigers got Jackson and Phil Coke from the Yanks, as well as Daniel Schlereth and Max Scherzer from Arizona. Max has looked good at times and awful at others, but overall it was a decent haul of players at the time.

The winner of the trade right now has to be the Yanks. Maybe next year it will be the Tigers again or even the D-Backs. But it’s hard to argue with Grandy’s 25 HRs and solid centerfield ball hawking skills in 2011. He’s simply been a blast to watch and he’s an easy guy to root for.

Austin Jackson signed this card for me TTM in 2009 spring training, when he was still one of the Yanks’ top prospects. He signed it in silver which actually looks pretty cool.


  1. A "normal" Jackson game: single, strikeout, strikeout, ground out into double play or popout. Wait that's the bottom of the order for the Tigers...and our leadoff sigh.

  2. I got Austin Jackson to sign a card through the mail when he was with the Trenton Thunder.

    I'm very curious who's going to be regarded as the "winner" of that trade five or ten years from now.

    - Paul