Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cards from Alex Z

A few weeks back, I got an email from Alex Z asking for my address. He said he had a few cards to send me and Joey. Never one to turn down free cards, I obliged.

Alex sent me a great assortment of Yanks, as well as a bunch of cards for Joey's binder, which I've already put in there. For his trouble, Alex has a few Edgar Martinez cards coming his way. I just have to not be so lazy and send them.

There were a ton of great Yanks, but these two really stuck out as my favorites. That Justice card is too cool, even though it's likely a HR for the opposing team. I am leading myself to believe he caught it, even though I don't remember any sweet HR-robbing catches from Justice from his time with the Yanks.
Here's a bunch of retired stars for Joey, include Glavine and Smoltz rookies. I don't have a Bonds card in Joey's binder, and this Topps HD one is a sweet one. I'm not sure how to tell Joey about Bonds (and other accused PED users...ARod, Clemens, Ortiz, etc) one day. I guess I'll just say he was a very talented player who decided to cheat. There's a lesson in there.
Alex, thanks for the cards!

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