Sunday, April 6, 2014

Orange you glad I have a Ty Hensley PC?

Awful title. Unoriginal. Corny. Cheesy.

Yet how else I would I show off this sweet 2013 Bowman Platinum Ty Hensely? It's an orange parallel, issued at the National Convention. It's numbered 045/125. I got it for about a buck on COMC, which is a steal.
I'm not sure if there are any more color variations of this card, but I'm satisfied with the orange. It's sharp looking, low numbered, and my first quasi-oddball card of Ty.


  1. Awesome Hensley dude.

    As for other variations, I'm pretty sure there's a purple parallel, blue parallel, green parallel, gold parallel, refractor parallel, atomic ice parallel, cracked ice parallel and superfractor parallel.
    And those are just for the chromes...