Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What about Dads? We need presents too!

As mentioned, a few weeks ago, my wife and I welcomed baby #2 to the world. I got a ton of messages of congrats from all of you, which I really appreciated. Thank you!

Last week, while taking time off from work to help with the baby, I got an envelop from Nick aka Yanks and Beans of The Cardboard Dugout. Upon opening it, the Michael Pineda auto above fell out.

Wow! Nick also included a note, saying that when he had his daughter, his wife and baby got all the presents. It wasn't fair, and here's a gift for Dad. Too cool.

Nick, I can't thank you enough. This means a lot. If you haven't yet, head over to The Cardboard Dugout. You won't find funnier box breaks.


  1. Very cool. I guess having two sons my gifts are coming now in the oldest playing tee ball and getting into sports. While my youngest has some time yet being hes not quite two.

  2. Not big on Michael Pineda, but I love the style of that card !

    Wait 'til the Grandkids come along, we had a great time in Illinois over the week-end !

  3. Beautiful card! I'm with Baseball Dad. Not a huge fan of the player... but that on-card autograph is nice. The story behind the card is even nicer.

  4. Yeah, AJ and I are big on Pineda. Funny thing is, I sent him this card the day of the "Incident". Timing was never my thing....But glad you enjoyed and more importantly...Congrats on your child!

    1. Yeah, oops. Don't care if people don't like him for doing what everyone else does, just being exceedingly dumb about it. He is hurt for a month or two now (same injury Kershaw has), so maybe his card values will drop again.