Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Prize-Town Tom delivers

My apologies to P-Town Tom, as this post is well overdue. The package fell to them bottom of a stack that I had wanted to blog about. Better late than never, right?

At the beginning of March, Tom sent me a prize package for a blog contest he ran. I never win these things, so I'm always appreciative. Tom is one of those bloggers who always hooks my son Joey up too, and this was no different.

The coolest item, to me, is this JUMBO pack of 1989 Topps. I've already put this in Joey's stash of old wax to open one day. These fat packs are awesome. I would love to see something like this now. The card showing on the front? None other than Mr. Jay Buhner.
Here's a bunch of sweet cards Tom sent for me, including these great OBAK cards for two PC guys:
And here's a bunch that will go in Joey's binder, which is filling up like crazy!
The Reggie Jackson 1982 Topps is miscut, but will still find a great home in the binder.

Tom, always appreciate your thoughtfulness. Thank you!


  1. Love that Fleer Mattingly! Nice work, Tom!

    The '89 fat pack is glorious. I am still fighting a daily urge to pick up a wax box of '87 Topps (or similar) and just having some fun. Great stuff!