Saturday, April 12, 2014

Junior Junkie sends cards to the Tino Junkie

Everyone's favorite Griffey collector sent me 13! Tinos in a PWE this past week. He also has fancy new address labels!

I always appreciate when people think of my when they come across a Tino.  It really does mean a lot to me. There was a great assortment here, including the ever-frustrating Yankee Stadium Legacy cards. If you see a giant hole in one of the Tinos, that's because there is one. A fancy Pinnacle Mint coin goes in there!
TJ, thanks for thinking of me!


  1. The post office is awesome for letting these super-thick PWE's go through with only one stamp. Whoever invented the practice of cutting up 9-poclet pages for PWE's is a genius.

  2. Nice bunch of Tinos. John over at Johnny's trading post is the first one to send me cards in the cut up 9 pocket pages