Saturday, April 26, 2014

JBF Epic Boxes: Pack 3

On to team bag #3 of the Jaybarkerfan Epic Boxes! Here's a sampling of my favorite cards from this team bag which, once again, was packed with more Yankees awesomeness than imaginable:
I always appreciate Jeter cards. Hey, did you hear he's retiring? I really like the shiny Spectrum card. I hadn't seen this set.
 What the?!? Where did these blue 1990 Donruss cards come from??
I don't know why, but these Topps Collectors' Series cards never get the respect they deserve.
Some GQ and Archives.
And my favorite card of the pack? Oddball city! This 1993 Hostess Donnie Baseball. Great card!

Total cards in pack: 42
Running total: 59


  1. Your right on those Topps Collectors Series cards.. Underated

  2. The blue Donruss are from the "AL's Best" set. There was also an "NL's Best" set, also blue.