Saturday, April 5, 2014

It's Finally The Day!!!

It's finally here! Big Mike day! Michael Pineda will make his long-awaited Yankees debut today, two and a half years after they shocked baseball by acquiring him for Jesus Montero.

The deal has worked out for neither team so far, as Montero got really fat and hasn't hit as expected. Pineda had surgery in 2012 to repair a torn labrum, rehabbed last year, and showed up healthy (and in shape!) this spring. He won the Yankees 5th starter competition, and will finally be stepping on the mound today to take on the Blue Jays in Toronto.

He's not going to be throwing the high 90s heat like he did before surgery, but he showed this spring he can still be effective with a low 90s heater and very good off-speed stuff. The Yanks aren't asking him to win 20 games with a sub 3 ERA (although that would be nice). Just eat some innings and give the team a shot to win every time out.

Personally, I'm excited! I have to take Joey to swim lessons at 3pm, but should be able to catch the first couple innings.

The card above was part of a COMC order I recently made. I had about $20 to spend, and the biggest card I got was about $17, so I filled the remaining balance with a few smaller cards of my PC guys.


  1. Great card! I'm excited, too - I rolled the dice on Pineda in both of my fantasy leagues… far, not too bad. 1 K and scoreless in the BOT2nd…though Lind just doubled….we'll see!

    Hope swimming lessons go well, too :)

  2. Looks very promising, now if only we'd start hitting.

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