Thursday, April 17, 2014

PC guys on Listia? Scoop 'em up.

When browsing Lisia, my PC guys don't show up very much. If they do, it's usually crap...1991 Donruss or something else I have. However, sometimes one pops up and lo and behold, it's one you need. What do you do? You go all out and grab it.
That was the case with this 1998 Score Artist Proof Tino Martinez. I saw it, checked my list, and noticed I didn't have it. Bidding started at 100, but I let others kick it off. With a few minutes left, I put in a high bid, and ended up scoring it. I spent a little more than I wanted, but sometimes you have to. You can't not add a free card you need!

This marks my 635th different Tino card.

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