Monday, April 7, 2014

Even Yogi needs a friend

A few weeks back, I showed this beautiful Yogi Berra 2002 Finest autograph. It's on card, refractory, and essentially perfect.

While looking up more info about the card, I found that Don Larsen was included in the set. Instantly, I had to have it.

I had $20 to spend on COMC, and at the time I had about 18 different PC cards in my shopping cart totalling $20. I emptied my card, and I added the Larsen. I had enough left for two PC cards as well. The first was the 2012 Topps Gold Sparkle Michael Pineda I showed on Saturday. The second was the 2013 Bowman Platinum Ty Hensley Orange Parallel I featured yesterday. But the crown jewel of the purchase is the Larsen:
Just look at it. It's phenomenal. It's my third Larsen auto. I got him TTM years ago, and I also have a signed baseball from one of his charity events. But this. This is perfect.
Having this card next to the Yogi in my collection just makes sense. These two will forever be linked  by the 1956 World Series perfect game. Having one of these autos without the others didn't feel complete. Now it does. Even Yogi needs a friend.


  1. Can't beat the on card auto. Nice pickup.

  2. Both cards look great! On-card autos are always a plus too. Pretty cool that you were able to pick up both to have linked together

  3. Very nice. Both of these cards are beautiful. I might have to track down a Yogi for my collection.

  4. Both are extremely cool. I wonder if the picture suddenly changes into Yogi jumping into Larsen's arm if you connect the two cards. ;).