Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Jerry Coleman score - 1954 Bowman

In addition to Phil Rizzuto, I also unofficially collect vintage Jerry Coleman cards. I believe this is my first 1954 Bowman of any kind, and I'm glad it's of Coleman. The card is pretty severely creased, which lead to its very low price.

Overall, I like the set. It's very simple. If Night Owl were naming it, I think the "Post-It Set" might work, as the name strip reminds me of those thin Post-It strips. It's funny to think that this simple set preceded the "TV set" by just one year. Bowman really went after it in '55.

I found the card back to be a pleasure to read as well.

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  1. Great card of Jerry!. My oldest baseball card is a '51 Bowman of the Colonel that has been well loved. Gotta love vintage Jerry.