Sunday, February 10, 2013

The blog's two-year anniversary

Today marks the two-year anniversary of my first post.

I didn't even realize it until I read about another blog celebrating their birthday yesterday. I then realized my blog birthday was in February as well, and then I went back and checked out my first post, and sure enough, it was dated February 10th.

I don't have anything fancy planned to celebrate the mark. No contest or gift to myself. Just some personal satisfaction for keeping this thing alive, despite my five month absence last year. I remember after writing my first post, I went to a Knicks game that night, and while at the game I remember thinking that there's no way I'll do this for a very long time. While two years isn't long compared to most blogs, it's longer than I expected.

I'm sure life will get in the way again and I'll disappear, but for now, I'm enjoying being back and acquiring new cards.

Plus it's February. Pitchers and catchers report in two days. And I have a stack of TTMs ready to go. After all, my Topps Yankees Project needs to add 2013 to the checklist.


  1. Congrats on the anniversary ! Keep it up !

  2. Nice work buddy, look forward to more!

  3. Congratulations on two years!
    Sometimes it's hard to keep up, I don't even attempt to post everyday like some do, I'd go crazy worrying about it! Just have fun.

  4. Crazy person who posts everyday here.


    But where's the picture of a card? You expect me to just read words?

  5. Congrats on your two-year anniversary!

  6. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!! It's my two-year anniversary, too! You just reminded me!

  7. Hear, hear - congrats on the anniversary!

    And good luck with your Spring TTM mission(s). I am scaling back my effort this year after a cost/benefit analysis of last year's experience but there will be a few envelopes going out for sure!