Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Listia Refractor score - great deal

This morning, I showed off a Tino Martinez 1996 Topps Chrome Refractor that I scored on Listia for 110 credits, which is pretty cheap (considering the amount of people who sell 1990 Score commons for 499). It also included free shipping.

There were two other 1996 Topps Chrome Refractors in the lot, which included a Hall of Famer:
The lot was listed as "mlb cards", so I'm pretty sure that's the reason it wasn't well searched. I was lucky enough to recognize the Tino in the picture. Pretty solid score overall for 110 credits.

1 comment:

  1. '90s cards are about my "price" range on Listia these days. Nobody seems to care about them and you can get them for few credits. When I don't want to take the time needed to track down older cards, I just see what '90s cards are available.