Saturday, April 20, 2013

Real or Fake?

I have been at my mother-in-law's house all weekend. I've been sneaking away to watch some of the NBA playoffs, but mostly I've been sitting with her and my little lady in the TV room. She likes to watch the show "Two and Half Men," so I've endured a few episodes of the show tonight. I've never liked that show, and can't for the life of me realize why it has been so successful. The acting is awful and that kid is annoying as hell.

Regardless, we were watching an episode tonight, and it was all about real or fake...yes, you know what body part I'm talking about. That's not comfortable subject matter when sitting next to your mother-in-law. Anyhow, it inspired my post, because I recently picked up a signed card on Listia I don't know if it's real or fake.

The auto in question is Ron Guidry. I got it for a reasonable amount of credits, and felt it was worth the gamble. I don't have an autograph of Gator, and I've never gotten him to sign for me TTM. When I saw this, I figured I'd put in a capped bid, and if it went over, well, I would lose. It didn't.

I certainly think the signature looks legit compared to some of this others I've seen. Even if not, the card didn't cost me anything. I'm sure I'll never know, but I'm choosing to believe that I now have an autograph of one of the best Yankee lefties ever.


  1. The "G" looks funny. We can compare tomorrow. I'm going to the Hofstra show, just to get his auto (again). When I come home, I'll take a look.

    PS: Saw it on Listia as well, just couldn't do it.

  2. I have a few eBay-bought autos that were cheap enough for me to roll the dice on. Why make the effort to forge a Tim Scott auto to make a quick 3 bucks?

    And yeah, how that show became so popular is beyond me. Way to go America.

  3. I'm gonna vote for "legit" here. Just compared it to my Guidry auto and it looks the same, including the "G".

  4. I have my own Listia autograph story coming up.

    2 1/2 Men is example A if someone tells me I don't give the public enough credit.

  5. I think people still like Charlie Sheen ever since Wall Street (I just watched two episodes of the 80s on Natgeo, interesting stuff) so thats on the mind.