Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Spankee Yankee trade

I dropped the ball on this trade, but luckily Spankee didn’t. He sent me a great batch of Yanks that had a little of everything. I am just now sending out cards for him. Talk about a slacker.

The trade started by checking if a Reggie Jackson he pulled was for trade. Here’s the card. I’ve always loved these, especially with the signature.
A Joba card #/d to 699 was also included. Hard to believe I’m watching Joba’s last few weeks in pinstripes. He’ll either be traded today or walk away as a free agent next year. 
Fleer Inscribed of Derek Jeter is just a classy card. 
I have no idea what set this Roberto Kelly card comes from, but there were two different ones in the package. 
A great old Topps All Star of Donnie Baseball. 
A Topps Attax refractory card, which is surprisingly sharp looking for a Topps Attax card.
Last but not least, a Floyd Little Syracuse card. I always appreciate gestures like this, as it shows Spankees knows I’m a Syracuse guy from the few times I've mentioned it. I wonder if Floyd signs TTM… 
Thanks again, Spankee! I SWEAR your cards are in the mail.

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  1. I had to look up this post again since I remembered sending you the Floyd Little. Trying a TTM would definitely be worth it because Floyd's signature is fantastic. I just pulled two of his autos from 2011 UD College Football Legends. I'll be posting them next week.