Friday, July 26, 2013

Welcome back, Alfonso Soriano

I'd like to think I'm a pretty realistic Yankees fan. I know it'll take a minor miracle for the Yanks to make the playoffs this year. The season started with an aging roster to begin with, and the injuries haven't helped. The pitching staff has been ok, and is really the only reason the Yanks are currently above .500. They don't have a ton of talent, and this is likely the start of a few down years.

In an effort to land a bat with a little pop, the Yankees reacquired OFer Alfonso Soriano. I know this isn't the same Soriano that was traded for A-Rod in 2004, but it'll be nice to see him back in pinstripes. He did hit over 30 HRs last year, and has 17 so far this year, so he will certainly help the anemic offense.

It's ironic that he's rejoining the Yanks, and A-Rod may never suit up for them again...

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  1. Although it was sad to see Corey go I'm glad that Soriano's back and that we don't have to rely on Hafner anymore.