Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tino Tuesday #67: 1997 Topps Stars '97 All-Stars #AS3

This card was a bear for me to find for years. I knew it existed, but it never popped up on eBay. I ended up buying one years ago, then lost it in my collection back home. It was then reclaimed with some others cards I found in my parents' attic. However, I picked one up a few months ago on eBay...so now I have two!

In the spirit of the All-Star game, I figured this is an appropriate card to show. Tino started the '97 game in Cleveland, and rightfully so. He was very deserving. He almost hit a HR in the game as well, pulling a ball just to the right of the foul pole.

1997 Topps Stars was a great set, and this is a great looking insert card, even if it doesn't have the canvas-like feel of the base cards.

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