Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Reclaiming my old cards: Frank Tanana TTM

Earlier today, I mentioned that I reclaimed a few cards from my childhood collection on a recent trip to my parents’ house.

Inside of a clear cube of cards, I found a few old TTMs I had forgotten about it. I’ll highlight those in a series of posts.

The first TTM I re-discovered was from retired southpaw Frank Tanana. He signed my 1994 Score card, and also included a signed card of his own. It’s actually more of a booklet with some religious teachings inside.
Tanana was best known for his time with the Angels and Tigers, but he finished his career with the Mets and Yankees in 1993. He was 0-2 with the Yankees in three starts, but did have a respectable 3.20 ERA. He finished his career with a 240-236 W-L record, a very respectable 3.66 ERA, and over 2700 strikeouts. That’s a fine career.

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