Sunday, August 4, 2013

Repack remorse

A few days ago, the wifey and baby and I hit up Target. I decided to treat myself to some cards. I was hoping for either a Bowman or Archives blaster, but they had neither. Boo. I settled on a few of those repack boxes, figuring I could get 10-14 packs and still spend less than I had budgeted. Plus, I always read about nice scores from a lot of bloggers from repacks.

Well, these sucked. I was so disappointed. Most of the packs were from 2010-2012 Topps, which is fine, but we’ve all had our fill of those. I was hoping for a few more mid-00s Upper Deck or Fleer Ultra packs.

I still busted the packs of course, but really got nothing interesting. I won’t lie, here are the three best cards I got:
Do you ever buy a repack box, and then immediately regret it?

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