Monday, August 5, 2013

Scoop-ing up a vintage Rizzuto

I’ve been staying far away from eBay recently. It’s too easy to spend money on things I don’t need. I’ve turned to Listia because it still gives me the same rush of bidding on and winning cards, and I don’t spend money (other than a few stamps on cards I "sell"). Sure, there aren’t many good cards nowadays and credits are jacked up, but for me I’ve found it’s just the addiction being fed…it doesn’t matter where it comes from. So might as well go to the most cost-effective place.

Anyhow, probably annoyed with the crap on Listia, I checked out eBay and scored this Phil Rizzuto for $2. I had never seen it or heard of the set. It’s from 1961 Nu-Card Baseball Scoops. No clue. But hey, a vintage Rizzuto is pretty cool regardless of the make.
From what I read, there were sets in 1960 (larger cards) and 1961. They weren’t fully appreciated and didn’t really compete with Topps and Fleer to a lesser extent. They were fine alternatives, but the set was a bit moring compared to the color photography of the other sets.

Do any of you have some sweet old Nu-Cards?

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