Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I also don't have 2014 Topps

I usually get pretty excited for the newest Topps release (since 2011, anyways), but this year I'm not. I agree with most folks in feeling underwhelmed seeing the various photos popping up. I don't love the tab-like design. They remind me of my desk drawers at work. And all the color parallels? They remind me of those cheap ass pocket folders that go in bigger folders in my files in my desk drawers at work.

I'm sure I'll pick up a pack or two just to say I did, but I won't make a big investment. I really do want the Yanks team set, of course, with a few extras for TTMing so I can keep the Topps Yankees Project alive and well. For those new to the blog and don't know what my project entails, it's a signed Topps Yankees card from 1951-2013, all done TTM. No repeat players either. I need 2014, and hope to knock it out during spring training.

Besides that, I've been very busy with work, work travel, and doing some card-related things to actually try and organize my collection a bit better. If you take a look at my "Tino PC" tab, I've got about 90% of the Tinos I own accounted for. I think it's around 600 different, but I'll count for sure once I got through one more box.

I've got a few trades that I've been way too lazy in sending out, and I apologize for that. To those of you that I owe cards to, I'll get on it.

Also, I've got some cards that have come in through purchases, trades, and generous acts that I need to post about. I'll get on that as well.

And just to show a few cards, here is page from my son's binder that doesn't include any HOF cards. There are 5 TTM signatures I've gotten my son, as well as four relics that have been sent to him by other bloggers/collectors. I always say if you happen to send something for Joey, it's going in his collection, and I mean it.


  1. Those are awesome, especially love Neshek's message. Very cool.