Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Listia, sometimes you are my friend

I'm still pretty active on Listia. I do tend to come and go, but I enjoy turning cards I don't want into things I do. I have a decent amount of credits, but am still pretty stingy on what I buy. Over the past month or so, here's how I've done:

The below lot was for 25 2013 Bowman Chrome Yankees. I needed these badly for TTM, plus this set has some of my favorite Yankees prospects. There were some dupes, but it was a great lot that I got at way too low of a credit price. Not sure what everyone was doing passing this one up.
I'm always looking to add to my PCs when I can, and I did just that with this cool 1980 Cramer card of Phil Rizzuto. It's a cool looking card. I also picked up another Michael Pineda card I didn't have.
I've seen a few sellers offer up lots of nine cards, and they just fold the binder page three ways. This is interesting. This was a nice nine-card lot I snagged, complete with a Gary Sanchez (another PC guy!) Bowman Platinum Purple Refractor. I love the Jeter Prizm. It's amazing how much nicer logos make cards look.
Right before he signed with the Twins, this Phil Hughes jersey card set me back 900 credits, which is nothing for a Yankees jersey card on Listia. The Pinstripe is impeccable.
Here's a nice Whitey Ford from a high-end Topps product (Tribute). I was the only bidder at 200 credits.
Lastly, while I don't collect football, Ryan Nassib was one of the best QBs to ever come through Syracuse, so I felt it appropriate to grab a card of him.


  1. Nice pickups. Love those Topps Tributes. I have not tried "selling" on listia, only "buying". Event then it isn't too often. Since I don't visit it too often whenever I "watch" something it ends before the next time I check in. One reason I haven't sold there is I tend to like shipping cards in bubble mailers and my only day to visit the post office is Saturdays and those times when my 12 year old car is in the shop makes it even more difficult to be a reliable seller. Unless I do the PWE route.